Treating Cracked Foundation with the Help of Fort Worth, TX Repair Service

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Giving Solution to a Cracked Foundation

When your house is aging, it is natural for you to see some cracks on it. However, it is the sole duty of the homeowners to consults professionals of foundation repair in Fort Worth, TX when they see hairline cracks in their foundation walls. It is always best to contact professional foundation technicians so solutions will be given ahead of time.


When you see cracks in your foundation walls, the very first solution that you should do as a homeowner is to apply epoxy putty. Through this, you can be able to stop the leakage of water towards your home. After filling the gaps, call the attention of a foundation repair company to validate the epoxy injection.

Homeowners are always asking regarding the culprits cracked foundation. According to experts, one of the most popular culprits is the moisture coming from the surrounding. Without you knowing it, the moisture is already softening the soil surrounding the foundation thus putting more pressure against the wall. Once the wall can no longer carry the pressure applied by the moist soil, hairline cracks will start to appear. In order to leverage the situation, the foundation technicians are fixing the helical piers, foundation footing and flooring.

Another solution in order to get rid of the common culprits of foundaiton damage is to have the area graded. According to experts, there are three levels of grading such as strong, moderate and weak. If you buy a lot, please make sure that the area is properly graded so the running water won’t get stuck into the soil and seep through your foundation.

Moisture catch basin is also important if you want your foundation to stay longer. As much as possible, you should also get rid of the sub surface water through draining it. One of the solutions to solve the sub surface water is the installation of French pipes nearby the foundation walls.

At the end of the day, if the soil surrounding the foundation is poorly graded, your foundation will be facing so many unknown troubles. By working with a technician, you can either install drainage system or waterproof the foundation. The health of your foundation walls are important as well, so you should have them checked at least once a year.

Before the cracks get deeper and wider, it is important that they are treated accordingly. By working with professional providers of foundation repair in Fort Worth, TX, you can ensure that the structural damage will be treated accordingly.

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