Selecting Excellent Roofing Materials for the New Home

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Roofing Materials Selection

When choosing a roof material for your house, it is important that it is well suited for the style of the house, budget and the environment which is similar to foundation repair. For beginners, the selection is quite stress that is why you need a consultant in every decision that you make. This kind of home improvement project is not usually done through following a DIY manual. However, if you have skill training beforehand then you can do it personally.

Here are some of the best materials that you can utilize for the roofing project of your house:

(1) Plastic roofing materials

Who would have thought that plastic can be used as a roofing material? If there is a primary material that can imitate slate shingles without being burdened with too much cost, it is plastic. However, plastic material is not exactly like slate shingles that can last more than a hundred years without getting damaged. Even if plastic is challenged when it comes to longevity, you can still count on it in terms of visual effect. Another caveat when choosing a plastic roofing is when the area you are residing is prone to fire.

(2) Composite materials as roofing

If you are to survey the most common material used as roofing for American homes, it is the fiberglass asphalt shingles. Most American homeowners are picking this material because it is affordable, recyclable and convenient to install. If you are a lover of colors, you can avail tinted fiberglass. When it comes to longevity, this material is expected to last twenty to fifty years.

(3) Metal roofing

If wildfire is a common threat in the location you are residing then metal shingles are the perfect materials when it comes to resistance. However, this is not a standard choice that you should always pick especially if you are living in very temperate or tropical areas in the US.

(4) Slate/Flagstone roofing

These materials are considered as the most expensive of all the shingles out there. However, the cost is not really depressing since you will be getting durability that will last even more than a hundred years. In some cases, these shingles can survive up to four hundred years if the roofing received proper care form the owner. The longevity you are getting will be enjoyed by the next generation who will use the house. Most of all, it is worth the cost you have invested.

As a homeowner, you should ensure that the building standard of your house including the roof is following safety standards. If you need quality service then go with companies that are well recommended by the community. Before signing up with a selected contractor, go ahead and double check the provider’s background.

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